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Here is why Rockstar cancelled a GTA game set in Tokyo

Grand Theft Auto is a series that has stood the test of time so far and has only managed to grow in popularity over the years. However, the series main games rarely venture outside of the US and now we know why, as it turns out that Rockstar was planning a Grand Theft Auto game set in Tokyo at one point before giving up.

According to sources speaking with TechRadar, a source close to Rockstar's plans said that the developer was “serious” about a GTA game set in Tokyo at one point but pulled the plug after decided that it would be too difficult to move the series location outside of the US.


Rockstar did make a trip out to Japan though to check it out and do some research but unfortunately, nothing ever came of it. While a GTA set in Japan may never make its way out of the early stages of development, according to TR's report, GTA 6 is already in development.

That isn't entirely unexpected after all many huge franchises begin planning their next step almost immediately after releasing a new game. The next installment in the series isn't that far along yet though as a location hasn't been settled on.

KitGuru Says: I would have loved to have seen a realistically mapped out version of Tokyo in a Grand Theft Auto game. However, given that Rockstar HQ is based in the US, it may have been difficult to do it justice. Would any of you like to see a new Grand Theft Auto set outside of the US? What city would you pick?

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