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Hitman 3 devs working hard to fix launch-day progress import issue

Hitman 3 officially launches today and if early reviews are anything to go by, it is going to be a hit. Unfortunately, there are some launch day issues. With Hitman 3, players who own Hitman 1 and 2 are able to import their progress to the new game, but the website responsible for this transition is buckling under demand. 

For those that played the previous games, especially Hitman 2, it is highly recommended that you import your progress to Hitman 3. This will make certain unlocks and older levels available to you as you make your way through Hitman 3. Unfortunately, a lot of people are attempting to do this on launch day and the website processing all of these progress imports was knocked offline due to the high demand.

Fortunately, the developers are aware of the issue and as Eurogamer points out, they are hard at work trying to fix it. The IO Interactive Twitter account is going to be posting updates on the situation, so it is worth checking that page if you are currently facing issues.

There is no timeline for when the website will be back online but hopefully progress imports will be available again soon. After launch day, load on the system should reduce, making it unlikely to be knocked offline again.

KitGuru Says: Are many of you planning on jumping into Hitman 3 today? Were you able to import your progress from an earlier game before the website went down? 

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