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Devolver Digital denies rumour that Fall Guys is coming to Xbox Game Pass

At this point, Fall Guys is still a PlayStation console exclusive, while also being available on PC through Steam. So far, there has been no announcement about an Xbox version, but fans of Microsoft's console got some hope this week when the Xbox Game Pass Instagram account claimed that the game would be coming to the service. 

In reply to someone requesting Fall Guys for Game Pass, the official social account claimed “It's coming”. For now though, this appears to be false, with Devolver Digital stepping in to clear up the situation:

This wouldn't be the first time an official Microsoft account or even an Xbox employee has mistakenly said that a game is coming to Game Pass. In the Summer last year, Phil Spencer mistakenly said that Control was coming to Game Pass and then had to backtrack on those comments. Of course, Control did eventually end up on Game Pass, but not until much later in the year (December for Xbox, January 2021 for PC).

For now, Fall Guys is not coming to Game Pass “in any form”, meaning xCloud, PC or Console. That could change later down the line, but for now, it looks like Fall Guys will remain a ‘console exclusive' to PlayStation.

KitGuru Says: Phil Spencer made a similar mistake to this social media manager just last year, so its hard to say what went wrong here. Perhaps there are early discussions, but we're still some ways off from either party wanting to make it public in an official capacity. 

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