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Humble Bundle raises over $6.5 million for COVID-19 relief efforts

Humble Bundle has always been great at raising money for good causes, but the COVID-19 relief bundle seems to have been particularly successful. While the bundle was live, over 200,000 people dropped money on it, raising over $6.5 million for charity. 

In this instance, 100% of the money from the bundle is going to charities, including Direct Relief, Partners In Health, International Rescue Committee and Doctors Without Borders. Money will be spent on delivering equipment and protective gear to health workers, resources for at-risk people across regions and medical care for patients.

In total, the bundle raised $6,565,557, with around 208,000 people chipping in. Over on the Humble Bundle blog, each of the charities involved described the impact of these donations, with Direct Relief saying it “translates into immediate, practical help”, including protective equipment for doctors and nurses, medications and supplies for severe cases of COVID-19.

The International Rescue Committee added that it has teams on the ground in over 40 countries, all working to “rapidly detect, respond and prevent further spread of the disease”. This is achieved through training of frontline staff, distributing essential hygiene supplies and providing information to refugees and displaced persons.

Doctors Without Borders is getting close to $1.5 million from the Humble Bundle, which will help enable “emergency programs to help stem the spread of COVID-19 in the hardest-hit communities” and care for infected patients. Meanwhile, Partners In Health is launching a “comprehensive effort to test, trace, treat and advocate for those most at risk”.

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KitGuru Says: This was a great bundle for Humble to put together. Did many of you chip in for the Humble ‘COVID-19 Relief' bundle? 

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