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Kingdom Hearts 3 leaks over a month in advance

It is not especially uncommon for a some stores to occasionally break street date for big game releases, giving a select few a chance to buy some physical games a few days ahead launch. In the case of Kingdom Hearts 3 though, the situation appears to be much worse. Someone was able to get their hands on around 30 physical copies of the game six weeks in advance and began selling them off.

The individual was rumoured to have worked for a shipping company, where they were able to steal approximately 30 physical copies of Kingdom Hearts 3 for Xbox One- a game that fans have been waiting to see for 13 years. Copies of the game were being listed on the Facebook Marketplace for $100 each and the seller would only meet buyers in person. Some people were able to successfully able to make a purchase, which has led to some gameplay videos and screenshots hitting the web.

At the time of writing, the seller listings have disappeared from Facebook, hinting that the person responsible may have been caught out by the combined forces of Square Enix and Disney. Still at this point, working copies of the game are out in the wild, which has led to concerns around spoilers.

In a letter addressed to fans of the series, Kingdom Hearts director, Tetsuya Nomura, explained that Square Enix is aware of the situation, adding that the game's two biggest spoilers (a secret movie and epilogue) are not on the disc and won't be shown before the game's release. Despite the leak, and the game being finished, there are no plans to bring the game's release date forward, so fans will have to do their best to avoid spoilers between now and the 29th of January.

KitGuru Says: This leak is very unfortunate, especially since fans have been waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 for over a decade. Hopefully major spoilers can be kept to a minimum. We don't know how many copies were sold before the person responsible got caught, so if you are a big fan, you might want to be extra careful for the next month and a half. 

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