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Kingdom Hearts may be getting a TV series on Disney+

Kingdom Hearts III might be wrapped up now but there is still more story to tell. According to reports this week, Square Enix and Disney are now teaming up for a TV show based on the series, with a pilot currently being created.

According to Emre Kaya of The Cinema Spot (via Siliconera), himself and a few other insiders have heard about the project. Disney was originally going to create it themselves, but eventually asked Square Enix to create a pilot instead using Unreal Engine, the same tech that powered Kingdom Hearts III.

It is expected to be CG animated, so we aren't going to be seeing some weird looking live-action adaptation for the time being. Whether the show will tell standalone stories or retread the games remains to be seen.

According to another insider, original voice actors for Disney characters will reprise their roles, but Square Enix's characters may be recast. Not many more details are known at this time, but this is part of the content roadmap for Disney+ as the service continues to expand and roll out across the world in the years to come.

KitGuru Says: A Kingdom Hearts show could be great, particularly if it doesn't get as convoluted and confusing as the main Kingdom Hearts games. Would many of you like to see this happen? The cutscenes in Kingdom Hearts III were incredibly high quality, so a full show should look really good. 

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