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Konami shuts down Metal Gear Online studio ahead of PC release

While Konami is still denying that Kojima has left the company, it does appear to be shutting down more of his studios. According to reports circulating today, Konami has shut down the Kojima Productions LA studio, which was responsible for Metal Gear Online, despite the fact that the multiplayer component isn't due to arrive on the PC until early next year.

Metal Gear Online has arrived on the Xbox One and PS4, though the PC version was pushed back in order to get the base game out earlier in September. Rumours of the closure emerged yesterday on Twitter, with several developers tweeting out about the job losses.


During its heyday,  the LA studio employed over 50 developers, who all helped do additional work for Kojima's Japan studio. The studio was renamed to Konami LA earlier this year and now it is gone completely, which could be yet another sign that the publisher wants to exit Triple A game development at some point in the future, despite statements to the contrary.

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KitGuru Says: Hopefully this doesn't mean that Metal Gear Online won't be coming to the PC after all. It does seem odd to shut down a studio that still has a project due out in a few months time. 

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