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Latest Metro Exodus PC patch removes Denuvo DRM

At this point in time, Metro Exodus is essentially complete, with the base game now available across consoles and PC, in addition to two DLC expansions being released. With that in mind, there is not much sense in keeping Denuvo in the game for much longer, so 4A Games is removing it. 

As part of a patch this week for the Steam, Xbox Game Pass and Epic Games Store versions of Metro Exodus, Denuvo DRM was officially removed. The patch also provides a few other fixes for Sam's Story, the expansion that released earlier this year.

Aside from removing Denuvo, the new PC patch for the game also does the following:

  • Fixed the rapidly discharging filter issue in Sam’s Story on all platforms (extreme timer depletion in fog).
  • This fixes the filter issue just after getting the boat from the humanimal hunter lair and proceeding into the fog beyond. Filters depleting quickly in the high rad zone near the sub base without the proper hazmat suit from the fire depot, is by design.
  • Added save backup functionality for Epic version in case of cloud save malfunction.
  • Browse to the default save folder to find a “.backup” folder.
  • Fixed camera rotation issue with latest Nvidia Ansel update.
  • Fixed various crashes.

Metro Exodus was first announced in 2018 and released in February 2019. Earlier this year, the game released its last season pass DLC and also launched again on Steam after a one-year exclusivity period on the Epic Games Store.

KitGuru Says: Have many of you been waiting to play Metro Exodus? Will you be hopping in now that the game is content-complete and seemingly fully patched? 

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