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Marvel Games Creative Director says Activision is fixing M:UA

We have heard before that Marvel is shooting for quality from any future game releases, so when Activision announced that it would be releasing remasters of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2 on PC and current gen consoles, people got pretty excited. Unfortunately, in typical Activision fashion, the remasters launched in a half-finished state and now, Marvel Games' Creative Director is chasing things up with the publisher to ensure fixes.

The PC versions of these games seemed to get the worst treatment. Xbox controllers don't work correctly, default key bindings and mouse controls make no sense, there are general gameplay bugs  and finally, the DLC characters weren't included at launch. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 does include the DLC characters but for whatever reason, the sound is totally broken. Just for added insult to injury, both games are priced at £31.99, or £40 for the bundle.


Since then, Bill Rosemann, Creative Director of Marvel Games has taken to Twitter to say that Marvel is listening to the feedback and is taking it up with Activision to try and get it fixed. We are already starting to see some progress too, as MUA1 will be getting the DLC characters and other fixes.

Activision itself hasn't said much on the topic but hopefully we will see more fixes on the way soon.

KitGuru Says: I was really excited for the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance re-releases. Unfortunately, these ports don't do justice to either game. From the sounds of it though, Marvel is pushing for improvements and fixes so hopefully after a few patches things will be cleared up. 

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