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Marvel Heroes has shut down for good

Last week, the folks at Gazillion Studios faced some bad news. After several years of working on Marvel Heroes and delivering consistent content for the player base, the studio was forced to shut down. This led to employees being laid off just days before Thanksgiving in the US. This also meant that Marvel Heroes would be shutting down earlier than anticipated, with the servers now offline.

Initially, Marvel Heroes was going to close down in late December. However, a lack of funds meant that Gazillion had to shut down operations very quickly and abruptly. Over on the game's social media channels, the following message was posted:

At this point, the Marvel Heroes website, Steam page, forums and Xbox/PSN pages have been taken down. Due to the circumstances, it looks like refunds may also not be possible for those who recently bought characters. That said, there is word that PSN users in the EU may be able to obtain refunds due to stronger consumer protection laws here.

KitGuru Says: This is a sad situation. Developers have lost jobs, customers have lost money and what was by all means a good game, is no longer available. Did many of you play Marvel Heroes? How do you feel about this situation?

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