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Marvel’s Avengers finally unveiled in 20-minute gameplay demo

While Square Enix first showed off Marvel’s Avengers back at E3, the publisher opted to only demo gameplay in behind closed door meetings. Now just a few months later, that 20-minute gameplay demo has been officially shared with the world, giving us a better quality look at the game in action.

Chunks of this gameplay demo leaked following E3 and San Diego Comic Con, although the quality was poor due to being secretly captured from off screen. Now, the full gameplay demo is available to view properly:

The demo shows off the tutorial level for the game, setting up the main story and introducing you to each Avenger and how they fight in short chunks. We don’t really know how the rest of the game plays out following this, but hopefully a better look at what’s to come will arrive in the not too distant future.

Marvel’s Avengers will be releasing in May 2020 across PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Google Stadia. This is an online ‘service’ style game, which essentially means you’ll be playing missions with friends, acquiring new characters, levelling up and taking part in frequent content updates.

KitGuru Says: Marvel’s Avengers is a tricky game to try and sum up so far as we don’t know enough about the game beyond this initial tutorial level and the promise of future content updates. Hopefully those questions will be answered soon enough. Are any of you looking forward to this game? What do you think of the gameplay we’ve seen so far?

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