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Marvel’s Avengers game overview trailer revealed, showing off mechanics and gameplay

News has been trickling in for the upcoming Marvel's Avengers video game, and we saw multiple trailer and gameplay trailer leaks over the Summer last year. Now, a full gameplay overview trailer has been found online.

The gameplay overview video for Marvel's Avengers was uploaded to the game's official YouTube page on April 7th as an unlisted video, meaning you can't search for, or otherwise find the video without having the direct link. We don't know when Square Enix was planning on pushing the video public, but since the unlisted link has been shared online, we can watch it early.

The video explains that the game starts on A-Day, the main mission that was shown last year, with The Avengers fighting an unexpected attack on San Francisco before ultimately disbanding. From there, you will play as Kamala Khan, who is attempting to get the team back together. Eventually, you will play a series of missions with classic heroes as you unlock them.

There are two types of missions in Marvel's Avengers. Hero Missions are your single-player campaign missions while Warzone missions are single-player or playable online in groups of up to four players. Each hero has its own unique abilities, but like other loot-based games, you can customise your heroes with different skins and you can equip gear for different stat boosts depending on your play style.

Currently, Marvel's Avengers is due to release in September 2020, with a beta happening for pre-order customers some time before then. The game is coming to PC, Xbox One and PS4.

KitGuru Says: I'm still not sure if I'm looking forward to this, it definitely seems like the sort of game that needs an open beta to sell people on the gameplay. What do you all think of the latest details and footage for Marvel's Avengers? 

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