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Modder recreates The Witcher 1 prologue in The Witcher 3

While The Witcher 2 and The Witcher 3 were both big hitters that drove CD Projekt Red into the spotlight, the first game doesn't tend to receive quite as much love. The Witcher 1 hasn't aged well with time and some of its mechanics do feel quite dated. However, a small group of modders have countered that, with a mod that brings the first part of the original game into The Witcher 3 engine.

Over on NexusMods, the ‘Witcher 1 Prologue Remastered' mod has been uploaded. This mod recreates the opening chapter of the original game, which results in around 45 minutes of gameplay. If you've never played The Witcher 1 and wish to avoid spoilers, then skip over the next paragraph.

The Witcher 1 opens up with Geralt, Triss, Vesimir and Lambert all at Kaer Morhen. Suddenly, a group of bandits siege the castle led by ‘the Professor' and a mysterious mage. The pair are seeking to steal the potions brewed by the Witchers to give them their powers. The opening of the game sees Geralt and his allies fighting back against the siege in hopes of stopping them.

The mod essentially allows you to play through that prologue section of the game within The Witcher 3. This means you can enjoy an iconic portion of the original game, without having to deal with its dated combat system. So far, this is the only portion of the game available to play but it certainly leaves me wishing for a complete remaster.

You can find The Witcher 1 Prologue Remastered mod, HERE. It may be incompatible with other mods, so double check the instructions before installing to ensure it works.

KitGuru Says: As far as story goes, I enjoyed The Witcher 1 more than The Witcher 2. The prologue in particular, is an excellent portion of the game that I look back on fondly. Did any of you play The Witcher 1? Would you like to see the full game remastered with The Witcher 3's combat and mechanics?

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