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Netflix has officially cast Vesemir for The Witcher Season 2

The Witcher had an excellent first season on Netflix but there are still a few major characters we have yet to see on screen, including Vesemir, Geralt's teacher and fellow Witcher. For a while, there were rumours that Mark Hamill was going to take on this role- that didn't happen. Instead, Vesemir will be played by Kim Bodnia. 

Production is ramping up for The Witcher season 2 right now (spoilers for The Witcher season 1 will follow). Right at the end of the first season, Geralt decides to return to Kaer Morhen and speak with Vesemir. He doesn't appear in that season, but it is clear that he will be an important character in the next season.

Vesemir will be played by Danish actor, Kim Bodnia, who might not be a household name, but he has won several awards over the years and is pretty much the right age to play a character like Vesemir.

We won't be seeing Vesemir and Geralt meet up on the small screen for a while, as The Witcher's second season might not be coming out until 2021. Given the series' success so far though, that could possibly change.

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KitGuru Says: There will be plenty more casting announcements for The Witcher as production on season 2 gets underway. Did many of you watch the first season? What do you think of Netflix's choice for Vesemir? 

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