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Fallout 76 Wastelanders gameplay shows off major improvements

Bethesda is gearing up to launch the Wastelanders expansion for Fallout 76, adding proper NPCs, conversations, new story quests and more to the game. This potentially game-saving update has been delayed a couple of times but now, an April release date is in place and a good chunk of gameplay has been shown off. 

Bethesda held a ‘Game Days' stream this weekend, showing off new gameplay and updates for various games, including DOOM Eternal, The Elder Scrolls Online and of course, Fallout 76. In the Wastelanders preview, we see a lot of changes to the game, as well as new locations, NPCs, dialogue options and one of the new quests.

Now, upon leaving Vault 76 for the first time, players will encounter human NPCs who you can talk to. Areas that were once barren will now have characters walking around, rather than endless ghouls, mutants and robots. Dialogue options are also based on your player stats, so there will be negative speech skill checks and special dialogue options based on your character build.

When playing key quests, there will be solo instances where your character will make story choices without random players coming along. Aside from that, the addition of real NPCs means some more civilised locations need to be added to the world, so there will be two new settlements added to the map, both of which will feature in the two main quest lines at the centre of the Wastelanders update.

Aside from all of that, you can expect new weapons, power armour, side quests and more to explore. Currently, the Fallout 76 Wastelanders expansion is due to release at some point in April.

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KitGuru Says: The Wastelanders update seems to be the massive overhaul that Fallout 76 desperately needed. Are any of you planning on giving the game another chance when the new update releases? 


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