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Riot’s new shooter ‘Valorant’ to be fully revealed next week

Just a few days ago, the first leaks around Riot's upcoming shooter, Valorant, hit the web. Now thanks to a few more insider sources, we have more details, including the fact that Riot plans to announce and reveal beta testing plans next week. 

Esports consultant, Rod Breslau, has confirmed through his sources that Riot's 5V5 tactical shooter, Valorant, is due to be fully revealed on March 2nd. We'll also be hearing more about beta plans at this point too, so we should have plenty of new information tomorrow.

Aside from that, Riot is also working with pro players from other games like CS:GO, League of Legends, Overwatch etc to get them involved with the game early on. With that in mind, you should see plenty of popular streamers showing this game off on Twitch and YouTube this month.

Valorant is going to be a hero shooter, so expect characters, defined team roles and promises of frequent updates to keep players engaged. We'll check back tomorrow for Riot's big announcement.

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KitGuru Says: I haven't played a hero shooter in a long time now so depending on how this turns out, I might end up giving it a go. Are many of you going to be keeping an eye out for Valorant next week? 

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