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New gameplay leak shows Star Wars 1313 in action

It has been years since LucasArts scrapped Star Wars: 1313, and as time goes by, those that worked on the project have slowly started to reveal more of what was planned for the game. In the latest leak, we see new gameplay footage that was not shown previously. 

The gameplay clip is only a few minutes long, giving us a look at a playable chase sequence with scripted elements. The sequence has Boba Fett chasing after an unknown character through the streets of Coruscant, with plenty of climbing, jumping and dodging thrown into the mix:

As you can see in the video, this sequence was still a work in progress. While animations and models are in place, there are a lot of missing textures. After the chase sequence, we see a few short animation clips showcasing different in-game assets, leading us to believe that this video was originally created for internal use at the studio.

When it comes to Star Wars, there are plenty of what-if scenarios to discuss, especially when it comes to scrapped video game projects. For years now, Star Wars 1313 has been seen as one of the most disappointing cancellations, but perhaps someday we'll finally get the action-heavy bounty hunter game we always wanted.

Currently, there are multiple new Star Wars games in the works, including three new projects at Respawn Studios – including Jedi Fallen Order 2, a new first-person shooter and a strategy game.

KitGuru Says: While not as impressive as the public E3 demo, it is interesting to see new footage from Star Wars 1313 all these years later.  

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