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Nintendo may have discontinued the NES Mini to make room for a SNES Mini

Last week, Nintendo began discontinuing the NES Mini console, which once again, caused scalper prices on eBay to soar to great heights. At the time, many people wondered why Nintendo would discontinue such a successful, in-demand product but it turns out, it may be due to a replacement coming. According to reports today, Nintendo will be launching a SNES Mini in its place.

Sources speaking with Eurogamer today have claimed that Nintendo is now planning a SNES Mini for release during the holiday season this year, with development already well under way. The plans for a SNES Mini led Nintendo to its decision to discontinue the NES Mini this year, rather than continuing to produce them.


Nintendo has explained that it never intended for the NES Mini to become a permanent product, nor did they expect it to become such a highly sought after item, especially after the Christmas rush. With the SNES Mini, hopefully Nintendo will be able to avoid similar issues.

KitGuru Says: The NES Mini is selling far above its actual value on sites like eBay, which isn’t exactly fair on Nintendo fans who genuinely wanted to pick up the console. Hopefully if the SNES Mini ends up getting released, Nintendo will keep the scalpers in mind and make enough to satisfy demand.

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  • Gary Keen

    Nintendo will never learn to make enough product for the demand, it’s practically part of their company ideals now. The New 3DS, the Amiibo’s, the NES Classic, Switch barely scraped through, probably more too. Whether they really don’t learn, have no faith in themselves, or it’s a purposeful strategy to generate more demand is another question

  • Nikolas Karampelas

    I call BS… everybody will want both, I still can’t see why to stop the NES mini…
    Now we are turning our eyes back in raspberries and emulators.

  • Nikolas Karampelas

    the corporate structure of ninty is more like “the elders rule”, so really nothing is gonna change, old dogs can’t learn new tricks (because they don’t want).

  • Alex Ray

    would much rather see them push out an NES classic bundle (or SNES) on the switch then this shit again.

  • Francesphays

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