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Nintendo reportedly asking devs to make games ‘4K-ready’ for upgraded Switch

A couple of weeks ago, fresh reports of an ‘upgraded' Nintendo Switch model began circulating once again and it seems that this latest rumour isn't going away any time soon. In a follow up report this week, sources indicate that Nintendo is rapidly ramping up Switch production and has begun asking developers to ensure their future games are ‘4K ready'. 

According to Bloomberg's sources, Nintendo has recently set itself a new goal to sell 30 million Switch consoles before the end of the current fiscal year. Supply chains have mostly recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic at this point, meaning production can get back into full swing to meet new goals.


Interestingly, this report also brings up the upgraded Nintendo Switch model once again. Apparently, Nintendo is “making preparations” for this updated model and is looking to have a ‘beefed-up' games lineup to go with it.

Apparently Nintendo has been in touch with a number of third-party developers already, asking that games be made 4K-ready in time for this upgraded Switch.

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KitGuru Says: Given the number of enhanced Switch rumours that have taken place over the years, I’ll be holding off on believing it until I see it. Still, if all of this proves to be true, it sounds like 2021 is going to be a very exciting year for Nintendo fans. 

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