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Outriders cross-play a ‘high priority’ fix, devs promise transparency on launch issues

Outriders launched last week and while it was hugely successful in terms of day-one sales and concurrent players, there have been on-going connectivity issues with servers and other features like cross-platform play between PC and console. People Can Fly has been addressing these issues in the days since launch and soon, we should get a breakdown on where things went wrong. 

Over the weekend as server issues persisted, the Outriders team confirmed on Twitter that it will be sharing more specific details on what went wrong during the launch window period:

At this point in time, the game appears to be mostly stable, although cross-platform matchmaking is still switched off for now. The developers are “continually working through” the issue and hopes to share “specific details about what's going on” in the near future.

The cross-play issue is a high priority fix for the team, as you'd expect for a game built around co-op play. Unfortunately, there is no ETA for the patch but we should get more information later this week.

Initially, players were having issues getting into the game due to log-in authentication issues. Servers have bounced between stable and unstable at various times, but the situation appears to have mostly subsided at this point, with disconnection issues being far less frequent.

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KitGuru Says: I've only played the opening couple of missions in Outriders, so I mostly avoided the launch weekend madness. Did many of you try Outriders over the weekend? Did you run into issues? 

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