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Overwatch Retribution kicks off next week with new story content

While Overwatch is primarily a PvP focused shooter, over the last couple of years the folks at Blizzard have dabbled into story telling, fleshing out the lore and backstories for different characters. It started off with cinematic episodes focusing on different characters, and eventually transitioned towards in-game content last year with the Overwatch Uprising event. Now this month, Overwatch will be getting its second story-based mission for a limited time.

Recurring PvE missions within Overwatch will now be known as ‘Overwatch Archives'. Uprising, which debuted last year, was the first, focusing on Tracer and her first mission against the ‘Null Sector', a rogue group setting out to destroy peace talks between Omnics and humans.

Now from the 10th of April until the 30th, players will have a chance to play Overwatch Retribution, the second PvE story mission for the game. In Retribution, players will take on the roles of villain characters from Blackwatch. The story takes place around one year before Uprising and will send players to the map called ‘Rialto'.

There are four main characters you'll get to play as in Retribution- Reaper, Genji, McCree and Moira. This is the canon cast of characters for this mission but Blizzard will also be adding in an ‘all heroes' option, allowing players to choose anyone from the game's roster.

As always, this event will bring in new legendary skins for players to collect. We'll know more specific details on story elements once the event kicks off next week.

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KitGuru Says: Blizzard has always been good with story telling, so I'm pleased to see them delving deeper into that side of things with Overwatch. Are many of you still playing Overwatch regularly? Will you be returning for Retribution next week?

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