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Overwatch Sombra design leaked, could arrive in October update

Blizzard has been teasing a new Overwatch character, currently known as ‘Sombra', for months now. In fact, teases for Sombra began popping up well before we even saw Ana, the game's medic sniper and first new character addition. However, it looks like it is almost time for the full reveal as a leaked image of a new Overwatch character leaked over the weekend.

The image first hit the Overwatch subreddit and originated from a Russian Overwatch group. According to the text on the image, Sombra is actually a hacker who lived through the ‘Omnic Crisis' and ended up getting involved with a Mexican gang.


After this leak hit, the community began to speculate on when Blizzard may be planning to release Sombra officially, with many pointing to the upcoming Halloween update as a good candidate. Also, if you have been keeping up with the Sombra ARG, you have probably been checking in with THIS webpage, which according to some estimates, will hit 100% around the 18th of October.

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KitGuru Says: The Sombra ARG has been going on for months so it's nice to see that things are finally coming to a conclusion. It will be interesting to see how Blizzard can weave hacking elements into a game like Overwatch, so I know I'll be keeping an eye out during October. I've not played in a while but this would be an excellent reason to hop back in. Are many of you still playing Overwatch regularly? Are you looking forward to getting a new character?

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