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Overwatch surpasses 35 million players

During Overwatch's first year on the market, the game has hit a number of milestones. 15 million players had enjoyed the game during the Summer of last year and by May this year, that number had doubled to 30 million. Now, with the Halloween event getting under way, Overwatch has managed to surpass the 35 million player mark.

Some of these players will be alternate accounts, or those who had hopped on during a free weekend. Still, 35 million players is certainly nothing to scoff at and shows that Overwatch is still very popular 18 months after release.

To help keep Overwatch growing, Blizzard will be tackling esports next with the Overwatch League, which has garnered support from major sports franchises already, as well as established esports organisations. On top of that, Overwatch will continue to be supported by community events, new maps and new characters.

We currently don't know who the next Overwatch character will be or when we will see them, but last time we checked, Blizzard has several new maps in the works, so new content is on the way.

KitGuru Says: I haven't played Overwatch properly in quite some time but it is good to see that the playerbase is still so active. Are any of you still playing Overwatch regularly?

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