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Palworld rises in Steam Charts following big new update

Palworld has shot back up in the charts this week, thanks to the game's latest major update, which adds a full new island for players to explore. 

The new Palworld update brings the new island, Sakurajima, to the game for all players. It is the largest update the game has had so far in its Early Access journey. The new island presents a new environment for players to explore, catch Pals, and build. The update has led to concurrent player counts rising up once again, peaking at over 128,000 concurrent players, after declining over the course of April, May and June.

During that three month stretch, the game was averaging around 30,000 peak concurrent players, so the new update has seen many return. Still, the game is far from reaching its launch-week height of 2.1 million concurrent players, largely driven by a viral marketing campaign that captured the imaginations of gamers by displaying clips of Pokémon-like creatures wielding guns.

Palworld has never dropped to unsustainable player numbers and with the game still in early access, there is still plenty of work left to be done on the game. In the future, the team at Pocket Pair plans to add a new Arena battle mode for fans, and more major updates are on the way for 2025 and beyond. Soon, the game may also land on PS5, ending a period of Xbox console exclusivity.

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KitGuru Says: Have you picked up Palworld since its launch in January? Was the latest update enough to draw you back in? 

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