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Sega’s Crazy Taxi reboot is taking inspiration from Forza Horizon

Sega has already confirmed plans to bring back its classic driving game, Crazy Taxi. While the original game was primarily a single-player experience, Sega's reimagining will see a greater focus on multiplayer and open-world mechanics, taking inspiration from popular racers like Forza Horizon. 

In a recent development update, the team behind the new Crazy Taxi game at Sapporo Studio confirmed that several game modes are in the works, including stunt modes, police chases and open-world exploration. The concept doesn't sound too far off what Playground Games does with Forza Horizon, offering a massive open world for players to drive around, with different kinds of races and challenges dotted around the map. These range from things like street races, off-road races & Rally driving, stunt challenges and more.

Apparently, this switch from single-player development to live-service multiplayer is going well, with the team making consistent progress. However, the team at Sapporo Studio is also hiring up, seeking additional development talent to push the game towards release.

The new Crazy Taxi game is reportedly being developed with Unreal Engine 5, alongside another classic Sega IP revival project for Jet Set Radio.

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KitGuru Says: While games like The Crew and Need for Speed have struggled in recent years, Forza Horizon has thrived. Perhaps a new Crazy Taxi that offers a similar gameplay model could give Microsoft a run for their money. 

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