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Patch data hints at Hearthstone’s next big expansion

Hearthstone could soon have a new adventure mode taking place at Blackrock Mountain, according to some data mined from the most recent game patch. This would be Hearthstone's third expansion overall and second adventure mode, following on from The Curse of Naxx last year.

Being an adventure mode, it will likely follow the same pricing model as the last, allowing players to purchase wings on a weekly basis with in-game gold or real world money.


The most recent Hearthstone patch pointed towards the new expansion, thanks to data miners at Hearthhead and Hearthpwn. The patch contained details of three upcoming card backs, the names of which all pertain to Ragnaros. A requirement for gaining one of these card backs has a note saying “purchase brm presale”. Now the rumor is that ‘brm' stands for Blackrock Mountain.

Blackrock Mountain is a location in World of Warcraft so it should be familiars to Blizzard fans. It is worth noting that Blizzard does have an announcement scheduled for PAX East next week, so it could very well be this.

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KitGuru Says: Now that Hearthstone is out on most major platforms, Blizzard just needs to keep the player base engaged with more expansions. Blizzard is likely setting up a new update pattern, with an adventure mode coming out, followed a few months later by a big card expansion. Either way, it will be interesting to see what they have planed. How many of you guys play Hearthstone?

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