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Phil Spencer confirms more Xbox Series X platform news coming in August

The Xbox Game Studios July showcase has come and gone, leaving us all to wonder what could be next. Rumours have indicated that the next Xbox announcement stream will focus on platform features and now, thanks to a new interview with Phil Spencer, we seem to have confirmation of that, in addition to an August date.

Speaking with YouTuber, iJustine, Phil Spencer discussed Halo Infinite, the Xbox Game Studios Showcase and touched on some other Series X related news, like Xbox Series X backwards compatibility.

In terms of backwards compatibility on Series X, Spencer is “really impressed by the frame rates” Microsoft has seen so far. We already know that titles like Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Gears 5 and Dirt will be running at 120 frames per second on Series X, but it looks like more backwards compatible titles will also be aiming for higher frame rates than ever before on consoles.

When can we expect to hear more about this? Well, Spencer added that he is “really excited and encouraged to talk a lot more about it, which should be in August”. With that quote, rumours of an August show seem to be confirmed, this time focusing on the broader Xbox platform and features.

KitGuru Says: I'm hoping to see a lot more 60fps and 120fps backwards compatible titles for the Xbox Series X. Being able to play older classics at higher frame rates on newer console hardware will be a great upgrade to finally see, rather than just bumping up resolutions. 

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