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Platinum Games may have been in talks to join Xbox Game Studios before new investment

Platinum Games has managed to remain independent for years now while delivering solid action games like Bayonetta and Nier Automata. Last year, the studio went on a fundraising spree to gain support for new projects. While it didn't come to fruition, the studio was apparently in talks to join Microsoft's Xbox Game Studios. 

Platinum Games and Microsoft obviously have a spotty history, as the studio was creating Scalebound as an Xbox One exclusive before the game was scrapped. Still, Platinum Games was looking for investment last year according to industry insider, Daniel Ahmad. Microsoft reporter, Brad Sams, also added that Microsoft was indeed looking into an acquisition deal with Platinum Games, but the deal presumably fell apart.

Since going on an acquisition spree in 2018, a lot of big independent studios have been linked to negotiations with Microsoft. Platinum Games was perhaps the biggest amongst those names in 2019 and it would seem that talks were going on after all.

For now, the idea of Microsoft acquiring Platinum Games will remain a ‘what if?' scenario, as the studio has since secured investment from Tencent, which will lead to development of new IP intended for a multi-platform release.

KitGuru Says: Microsoft teaming up with Platinum Games again did seem like a bit of a stretch. A studio of Platinum's pedigree should have no problem securing funding from publishers, although remaining independent nowadays is getting trickier for larger studios, as we have seen with Obsidian, who did end up agreeing to an acquisition offer. 

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