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Pokemon Sword and Shield sell six million copies in first week

Pokemon Sword and Shield being a huge success would have been one of the easiest video game predictions you could have made this year. There might be some controversy surrounding the release, but so far, that has not hurt sales, with the game becoming the fastest selling Switch title to date.

From Friday until the end of Sunday last week, Pokemon Sword and Shield sold six million copies worldwide, beating out Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as the fastest selling Switch game in its first week. By comparison, Pokemon X and Y sold four million in its first week and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate sold five million in its first week.

With six million copies sold so far, Pokemon Sword and Shield have also earned a spot in the top-ten highest selling Switch exclusives to date, slotting it between Super Mario Bros U. Deluxe and Super Mario Party. Currently, Pokemon Let's Go has sold over 11 million copies since release, so we will likely see Sword and Shield overtake it in the months to come.

Here in the UK, physical retail charts show that Pokemon Sword is the more popular option, with the game coming in at number one, while Shield follows in third place for the week of November 11-17.

KitGuru Says: I haven't picked up the new Pokemon yet but I'm hoping to put some time into it before the end of the year. Have any of you grabbed Sword or Shield yet?

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