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G2A is overhauling its Shield service


Key sales website, G2A, is looking to change up the purpose and function of its Shield service. Initially designed as purely a form of insurance against bad keys, it is now being overhauled into a form of premium membership, complete with game bundles, better chat support and more features set …

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Nvidia pretends to drop a living room from a plane

Nvidia is looking to push its Shield set-top box once again, with a promotion and accompanying video that showcases the CG potential of Nvidia hardware. It appears to drop a living room from a plane, including gamer, TV, and Shield, but Nvidia wants you to guess whether it’s really happening, …

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Nvidia Tegra X1 to power desktops, notebooks, tablets, portable consoles

Unveiled early this year, Tegra X1 system-on-chip from Nvidia Corp. was positioned mainly for automotive applications. However, given rather serious processing horsepower it has, it can be used for many other devices. In fact, according to recent leaks and listings, Nvidia and its partners plan to use the Tegra X1 …

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OCUK jumps the gun on Black Friday deals

The worst thing about shopping on Black Friday is the fear of being trampled to death by an army of bargain hunters. Fortunately though, for us geeks, we can usually find all of the best deals online and avoid the drama. Overclockers UK has launched its own Black Friday sale, …

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Android Lollipop arrives on Nvidia Shield tablets

The public OTA update for Android Lollipop on Nvidia Shield tablets is now live and should be hitting your device some time today if it hasn’t already. The update will bring Android’s latest user interface, animations and notifications inspired by material design. Users should experience improved app performance and the …

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Nvidia responds to Samsung counter lawsuit

Two months ago, Nvidia filed patent lawsuits against both Samsung and Qualcomm, claiming that the two companies used patented GPU technology without permission or compensation. In response, Samsung has launched a counter-lawsuit against Nvidia but it looks like the graphics chip maker was expected this to happen. In a post …

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Nvidia Shield tablet to get Android Lollipop update

It looks like Nvidia’s recently released Shield tablet will be receiving the Android 5.0 Lollipop update fairly soon. The company released a new teaser video last night, giving users a peek at what new features and improvements will be arriving in the upcoming update. Android Lollipop is Google’s latest version …

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Nvidia is turning cars into graphical powerhouses

With the advent of digital dashboards, heads up displays, advanced telematics and improved in-car entertainment systems, as a bit of a hardware nerd, you have to wonder, what’s powering all of it? If your car makes any use of those sorts of systems, it could very well be GPU giant …

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Nvidia announces ecosystem of Game-Stream certified products

Nvidia has been pushing its Game-Stream technology recently, the service originally launched on the Nvidia Shield handheld late last year and was arguably its biggest feature, but now it seems that the graphics chip maker is looking to expand as it has just announced its partnership with several other companies …

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