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Nvidia responds to Samsung counter lawsuit

Two months ago, Nvidia filed patent lawsuits against both Samsung and Qualcomm, claiming that the two companies used patented GPU technology without permission or compensation. In response, Samsung has launched a counter-lawsuit against Nvidia but it looks like the graphics chip maker was expected this to happen.

In a post on the official Nvidia blog, David Shannon wrote: “we weren’t surprised when, earlier this week, Samsung filed a lawsuit against us. Their action, filed in Virginia, focuses on eight patents. NVIDIA is alleged to have violated six.”

The Samsung suit includes a false advertising claim alleging that Nvidia’s statement that the “SHIELD tablet with its Tegra K1 processor, has the ‘world’s fastest mobile processor’ is false and misleading. Additionally, the Korean phone maker believes that the Exynos5433 is faster on certain benchmarks:


The above benchmark results are from Nvidia’s own tests, which featured a standard ‘out of the box’ Shield tablet and shows it beating out the Galaxy Note 4.

Unfortunately, Samsung is also suing another company known as Velocity, a small Virginia based customer of Nvidia. The blog notes that this is “unfortunate” as it is not Velocity’s fight. However, the reasoning behind this is an attempt to keep the suit based in Virginia, which has a “faster time to trail than most jurisdictions in the United States”.

Nvidia finishes off its blog post by stating that Samsung’s counter-lawsuit does not change its analysis or determination to win the patent dispute. The original lawsuit against Samsung and Qualcomm will go forward as planned.

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KitGuru Says: It looks like this lawsuit is going to keep on escalating, it is also a shame that a smaller company has been caught in the crossfire in an effort to speed up a trial. What do you guys make of this? 

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  • akaronin

    What do I think of this ?… I hope Samsung buries nVidia… deep !

  • Why would you want that?

  • Varun Hk

    *sigh*.. ANOTHER useless lawsuit.

  • akaronin

    I think it is obvious… I don’t like nVidia.

  • Matt Clark

    It’s always such back and forward with these tech companies now. The only conclusion I can come to is that they are probably all stealing ideas from each other.

  • Brandon Vega

    He’s probably an AMD fanboy… It’s clear that the Tegra K1 is WAY faster…

  • Ian McConvey

    Blind fool.

  • akaronin

    No, I am not… never EVER bought nVidia hardware 😉

  • Nyall Davis

    how do you know its bad if u never bought it?

  • Well, they have good products. Don’t know why the grudge against a good company

  • CrazyDelta

    I hope the judge throws all these lawsuits out.

  • Guest


  • heemsj126


  • Raymond Morales

    Don’t like Nvidia hardware but has never bought it? That completely discredits your opinion yhen.

  • Matti Alexander Christensen

    yeah, sure they do build some great gpu’s but they’re certainly not a good company, they use every single dirty trick in the book, and then some, to get ahead. plus they do their best to gouge consumers, HARD, and their bloody ceo or whoever it was admittedd publicly that they felt like they could continue to jack up prices.

  • Louie Andrew Capulso

    You don’t LIKE them.. why do you have to HATE them? you don’t hate them, right? cuz that’s just stupid.

  • Nick Chanas

    Why would it make a company bad if the market perceives the products as good quality and are ready to pay a premium for it? Do most companies not do that? Look at Apple, their products are good, though in my opinion certainly not worth the retail price, and people still flock to their shops to pay for overpriced hardware (and software). It’s not unethical, it’s just the result of a good marketing strategy. In the end no one is forced to buy anything, it’s a conscious choice.

  • Matti Alexander Christensen

    profitable does not equal good. good and bad is a moral and philosophical construct, not a financial one.
    and speaking of apple, they certainly aren’t a good company either.
    in fact, the “manipulating people into buying shit they dont need, or paying more than its worth”, that you call good marketing strategy, i call lying and stealing. something that is almost universally considered bad, no matter which culture, or school of thought you choose to follow.

  • Nick Chanas

    To your first point, profit as a concept can be considered good or bad if the result of achieving profit is made at the cost of well being of others. This is a different point that certainly needs to be addressed in today’s world. I’m sure we can come to agree on the conclusions of that conversation, but our discussion is not about that.

    To your second point, we need to call cats, cats. Apple, Nvidia et al. are not thieves or liars. They do not take your money away from you without your consent by selling you products that they claim do something but don’t, do they? They present their products in the best light for you to perceive value and incite you to buy, but yet, this is not lying as you get want is described on the box.

  • True, but they’re not as dirty as other companies

  • Matti Alexander Christensen

    apple and nvidia needs to be approached differently in this conversation. apple make their profits by artificially creating a “want” through clever social engineering, and as such they are circumventing your free will, by utilizing your “hard-wired” responses to make you want what they are selling. this is as bad as mcdonalds using appetite stimulating aroma’s in their cleaning agents to stimulate you to buy more at the counter.
    in the case of nvidia, their advertising isnt actually all that bad, even if they obviously both cherry pick results, utilize the fanboy culture, and use intentionally misleading graphs, they all do contain factual information, although slightly misrepresented. what makes them bad is what goes on behind the scenes, that is actually harmful to their consumers. introducing proprietary technologies, that at the same time prevents game developers from optimizing their products for their competitors, while pressuring them to use it. this limits the consumers choice, and in the end harms the consumers they are selling to. they also skews the market by refusing to send out review samples when the results arent positive for them, and has, at least in one case that i know of, actively tried to prevent a taiwan based review site from getting their hands on cards, by disallowing their partners from sending out samples, due to the site “not conforming to their review standards”, which largely means, not being 100% positive. that’s what makes them a bad company to me.

  • Dario Leon Rincon

    easy, he must be a 12 years old fanboy

  • Nick Chanas

    Ok, I get your point. In those terms, I can only agree with you.

  • Matti Alexander Christensen

    did that just happen on the internet? whoa. i must take my hat off to you, not many people acknowledge others arguments here.
    in return, i have to admit, they do build the best gpu’s, by a fairly large margin, and i do understand people having a preference to nvidia, simply because of this. heck, i still buy intel cpu’s, after the compiler scandal that sabotaged amd, simply because of the quality, even if my morals tell me i shouldnt.

  • Colby Layne

    I just found an anomaly… the internet has been broken… syntax errors for everyone!

  • akaronin

    No, I’m 40 years old. And I AM a “fanboy” of AMD GPUs. Is that clear to you ?

  • akaronin

    Like I said, I don’t like them… I never said I hate them.

  • akaronin

    Why !? I have never mentioned nVidia hardware… I said I don’t like nVidia, the COMPANY !

  • akaronin

    They have good, even great hardware… but I dont see them as a good company.

  • akaronin

    You are talking about hardware !? I never said nVidia hardware is bad…

  • OzDracula

    August 2000
    Graphics chip maker NVidia filed suit against rival chip and board maker 3Dfx. NVidia claimed that 3Dfx was infringing on five of its patents and requested an injunction barring 3Dfx from selling and distributing its Voodoo3, Voodoo4, and Voodoo5 products.

    December 2000
    Nvidia buys out 3Dfx.

  • Steven P

    You don’t like NVIDIA because they make better products than your fail ass AMD does? Let me guess, you hate Intel too? LOL

  • akaronin

    No “LOL”, I have a 4770K “LOL”. This article is about Samsung and nVidia… why do you mention AMD ?!?

  • PettyJapanTimesMods

    I love the highish price I paid for my GTX 780.
    Any profits they get are worth all they invest in the next step.

  • PettyJapanTimesMods

    Its called Business; Live or Die 101.

    I invented;- Smartscreens that cover the A-pillar in Cars (so you crash less at Junctions etc); Shoes that pump air between your toes as you walk along (through straws [for waterproof military boots and mountaineering etc etc etc…]), and a self-levelling Attack craft (on 3 boat-legs) for targetting modern-day pirates (30 years ago). I also invented “The running blade” just after I left the REME Engineers in the UK after the Falklands War. I also invented the Airbag around that time, and also figured out and disseminated Noise-cancellation-technology (or at least I gave those ideas away); and I am dirt poor.

    No; seriously; you HAVE TO HAVE A Buisness head; or you end up like me.

    I have a ton more ideas (including a silent propulsion system for Subs/Ships). But live in world of Luddites; just like my Great g.g.g.g.g.g. Grandfather (inventor of the Spinning Jenny).

  • PettyJapanTimesMods

    They always have; they likely always will; until we can all control ourselves.


  • PettyJapanTimesMods

    I know a great way to make the NVidia sheild way more Usable for the VAST majority of customers. But big companies refuse to communicate with freelance designers in a business fashion.

  • PettyJapanTimesMods

    It isn`t `obvious`, as you may have signifgicant `Shares` in Samsung. So, it may just be `Greed/Avarice`.
    Unlikely, but…. it isn`t `obvious` `Why…..`.

  • akaronin

    Greed and avarice… that’s a nVidia thing.

  • TwsT

    You no nothing Jon Snow