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Square Enix to fix PC port of Final Fantasy XIII and then release XIII-2

Square Enix announced that it was bringing the entire Final Fantasy XIII trilogy to the PC platform back in September. At the time, fans were fairly excited until the first game released with a locked 720p resolution and 30 frames per second cap. However, the developer is looking to make things right and will be adding in higher resolution support and uncapping the frame rate to allow for a smoother experience.

Additionally, Square Enix is going to continue to try and use the full capabilities of the PC platform going forward, we won't be seeing any resolution or frame rate locks in Final Fantasy XIII-2, which will launch on Steam in December for £12.99.


If you own Final Fantasy XIII on Steam and were disappointed in the quality of the port, then you can look forward to an update at the start of December, which will fix the game and make it worth owning. Final Fantasy XIII-2 will launch on the 11th of December, it will include all of the DLC , PC graphics options and higher resolution support.

In order to run either game you'll need an Intel Core2 Quad CPU or better, 2GB of RAM and an Nvidia GTX 460 or Radeon HD 5870. The low recommended specifications make the game fairly accessible to most who missed out on the console versions.

You can read more about the PC version of Final Fantasy XIII-2, HERE.

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KitGuru Says: Now that Square Enix has decided that it is going to officially fix the Final Fantasy XIII PC port and not make the same mistakes with the second game, I feel like it is probably worth picking up, particularly for its fairly low price. Did any of you guys buy Final Fantasy XIII when it launched on Steam? Are you glad that Square Enix is officially fixing the port and bringing it up to standard? 

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  1. Pff why are all companies locking and downgrading their games? Too much corruption.

  2. I trustingly pre-ordered it, like a FOOL.

    I don’t know how much I care that graphical options are finally being added to what is an awfully shoddy port.

    It was ridiculous they weren’t included, don’t get me wrong, but regardless of how many standard “features” they patch in I don’t think there’s anything they can do about the low quality Bink video in the cutscenes or that the game runs like a pig, despite being a title that happily ran on consoles with less power than my phone.

    Plus.. it’s literally a corridor walking simulator. I’m told that TWENTY HOURS IN it gets a bit better, but seriously. Who the hell doesn’t have better things to do for twenty hours than push up on a controller stick, in the hope of eventually not being bored?

    You could complete two games in those 20 hours that were actually, you know, fun to play.

    Final Fantasy XIII-2 might be better, but it could hardly be worse. I don’t really care, because I will certainly not be buying it or any other Square PC port for a long, long time.

  3. I would say that Japanese RPGs are definitely not your thing. Have you ever played any of the Final Fantasy games? They feature a lot of walking. Even games that are just similar, like “The Last Remnant”, involve a lot of walking. It’s more about the story and the telling of it through your actions than simply gameplay.

  4. I’m happy to see them taking their player’s concerns into account and fixing the problem. I’ll likely consider buying it now, and I hope to see some more ports of their games, maybe even some of the earlier ones like FFX and FFXII, and even earlier (Kingdom Hearts would be ideal, emulators just can’t make it feel right).

  5. I have played and loved Final Fantasy VI, VII, VIII, IX, X and XII.

    And Xenoblade Chronicles. And two Tales Of games. And Dragon Quest VIII, my personal all time favourite. And Secret Of Mana. And the fan made English translation of Secret Of Mana 2. And the first two Golden Suns. And Skies Of Arcadia. And many MANY more.

    It’s not that JRPGs aren’t my thing. It’s that bad JRPGs aren’t my thing.

    Terrible ports of bad JRPGs especially.

    And this is a terrible port of a bad JRPG. I don’t care if after 20 hours the tutorial ends and it gets good, that’s 20 hours of crap that I have no intention of sitting though.

    It isn’t FUN.

  6. Maybe a trilogy bundle for 10 bucks in a few years if that’s the quality they’re releasing.

  7. They want us to buy them on 90% off sales.

  8. Kinda thinking about adding this the PS3 collection when the time comes. Never got to play the older ones, so this way I kinda get to say, yeah I played Final Fantasy XX.


  9. No one cares fella.

  10. Thurnis'b OndaBeat

    Anddddddddd it was never fixed.