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Possible Battlefield 5 leak suggests WWI setting

With Star Wars: Battlefront now out of the way, DICE is set to return to the Battlefield series this year with a new mainline entry to the series. EA has already confirmed that Battlefield 5 will be coming this year but now it looks like we may have a rough idea of its release date and setting, with a potential leak pointing towards a return to World War I.

This information comes from Swiss online store, World of Games, so it is worth keeping in mind that it may not be entirely accurate. However, according to the site, we can expect Battlefield 5 to arrive on the 26th of October, which is a similar release date to Battlefield 4.


The description for the game paints it as a tactical multiplayer shooter set in WWI. It is common for game publishers to inform retail chains about their future plans for the year  and occassionally, that information gets out ahead of time. However, this could very well turn out to be fake.

That said, E3 season isn't too far off so we should hear more then and get confirmation on what DICE is up to with this year's Battlefield game.

KitGuru Says: There has been a surge of modern day/futuristic shooters over the last few years so returning back to an older setting could be a nice change of pace. Are any of you big fans of Battlefield? Would you like to see the series go back to World War I? 

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