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Project xCloud will soon come to Windows PCs

Late last year, Microsoft made a number of huge announcements for Project xCloud, which is expanding at a swift rate in preparation for launch in late 2020. The streaming service is being tested on Android and iOS already but Windows 10 support is also on the way. 

On PCs, Microsoft's upcoming Xbox Streaming app will support local streaming from an Xbox One (a feature that is already available using the console companion app) as well as streaming via xCloud servers. According to The Verge, this PC version of xCloud is already being tested amongst Microsoft employees, although streams are limited to 720p for now. With that said, 1080p is coming to the preview soon and should be in place by the time testing goes public.

As is the case with streaming xCloud on mobile, a controller is required, so you won't be streaming the Xbox version of Halo while using a keyboard and mouse. Apparently, the PC version of Project xCloud streaming will make its way into public preview soon, with the app working similarly to how it does on Android and iOS already.

There is a hardware component to all of this. At the beginning, Project xCloud server blades housed four custom Xbox One S SKUs in a single server instance but that has now been increased to eight. Microsoft will also eventually transition away from older Xbox One S hardware to more powerful Xbox Series X chips for streaming.

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KitGuru Says: Project xCloud is going to be making a lot of progress this year, so we're expecting plenty of news over the summer alongside the announcements of next-gen games for the Xbox Series X console. Have many of you tried the mobile preview of xCloud yet? What has your experience been like? 

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