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PUBG Mobile is filling up with keyboard and mouse users

PUBG officially began rolling out to Android and iOS users in the west last week, and while the mobile version is intended to be played using on-screen touch controls, there are ways around that. There are plenty of PUBG Mobile players currently using various devices to run the game on larger displays and use keyboard/mouse input, giving them a pretty major advantage.

There are multiple ways to enable keyboard and mouse support for PUBG on mobile. Ranging from installing the app on a Chromebook, to paring up bluetooth devices or simply running an Android emulator on PC. There are already several popular YouTube videos with hundreds of thousands of views showing the mobile version running on PC, making it much easier to dominate rounds.

There are two downsides to this for PUBG Corp, for starters, if people can just emulate the mobile version of the game for free, then there is less reason to spend £20 on the Steam version. The second downside is that if keyboard/mouse usage becomes too widespread, then it can ruin the game for those actually playing on smartphones.

PUBG Mobile already caught some flack last week after players discovered that the first few online matches were filled with bots rather than real players. However, this was explained as a way to get new players used to the touchscreen controls before throwing them in with 99 other real players.

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KitGuru Says: Keyboard/mouse users have been a common complaint on the Xbox One version of PUBG too. It will be interesting to see if the developers decide to do anything about this, as it does seem to be a growing problem. Do you guys think keyboard/mouse usage should be allowed in PUBG Mobile? Or does it give too much of a competitive advantage? 

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