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PUBG’s anti-cheat system is taking down as many as 13K players a day

It’s no secret that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the fastest growing game around at the moment. The game has sold tens of millions of copies and can even pull in more than two million players concurrently at peak times. As with any popular game though, cheaters are drawn into the equation, fortunately, PUBG’s anti-cheat system seems to be doing serious work, with as many as 13,000 cheaters getting caught out each day.

Right now, PUBG uses BattlEye’s anti-cheat system. According to the provider, more than 322,000 players have been banned so far, double the number revealed just a month ago. It was also confirmed that currently, anywhere between 6,000 and 13,000 cheaters are getting banned daily.

Interestingly enough, the vast majority of these cheaters are apparently from China. This could have something to do with PUBG’s controversial in-game advertisements for the region. These ads don’t appear in other territories, but it certainly caused a stir, with many Chinese players review-bombing the game’s Steam page in retaliation.

KitGuru Says: I haven’t encountered any hackers during my hours in PUBG, which is a positive change. It seems that much like Blizzard with Overwatch, Bluehole has managed to clamp down tight on possible hacks right from the start. Have any of you encountered many cheaters in PUBG? 

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