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PUBG’s desert map ‘Miramar’ detailed, new screenshots released

After plenty of teases and screenshot reveals, today Bluehole finally named PUBG's upcoming desert map and revealed key details about its various locations. The desert map is now called ‘Miramar' and it contains two major city locations ‘Los Leones' and ‘El Pozo'.

In Los Leones, players will encounter the largest city on the map filled with shops to loot and skyline buildings to hide out. Meanwhile, El Pozo is known for its industrial and entertainment districts, with the key landmark being the Luchador Arena, which is an old biking ground.

You can see screenshots of various key map points in the gallery below. Do note that if you are using an adblocker, then it may see out gallery tool as an advertisement. Disabling adblock and reloading the page should fix this.

Aside from the two major cities, the map is also littered with various towns. Monte Nuevo is described as a “well stocked compound” with ample cover for shootouts. Valle Del Mar is located near the coast and is home to a church, a school and of course, a bridge going in and out of it. The key to controlling the town is keeping the bridge guarded.

La Cobreria is an abandoned shipping and rail yard where players will hunt for loot amid half-buried cargo containers. It will be quite barren, so looting nearby campuses is a must before attempting to control this location.

San Martin is near the center of the map. Here players will find checkpoints and barriers, the town also has various overlooks, so players attempting to enter will need to look out for enemy players controlling the way in. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Pecado is a tourist destination, rather than a war-torn desert town. In Pecado, players will come across a bit casino, which is said to be filled with high value loot and big four-story hotels.

Finally, Chumacera is the last destination to be detailed. This is the ‘husk' of Miramar's textile industry. You'll find abandoned factories here overlooking a main road that is lined with old houses and shops. This is described as a high risk, high reward zone.

The Miramar map will be released as part of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' 1.0 update. Currently, this update is expected to roll out this month.

KitGuru Says: PUBG has managed to coast on the same map for most of this year, so it'll be exciting to finally have another map to explore and play on. Hopefully in the future, new maps can release at a slightly faster rate. Are many of you still playing PUBG? Are you looking forward to the new map launch?

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