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There’s a new Portal game on the way, but probably not the one you were hoping for

It looks like there is a new Portal game on the way, but probably not the one you were expecting. Rather than a Valve-made sequel to Portal 1 and 2, today ‘Headup Games’ announced that they would be releasing ‘Bridge Constructor Portal’, a spin-off of the Bridge Constructor series.

Headup Games is the publisher of Bridge Constructor. The series includes different spin-offs for trains, stunts, bunkers and now Portal is being added to that list. The Bridge Constructor formula is exactly what it sounds like, you design your own bridge constructions and watch cars or trucks drive across them. They can fail due to weight and physics etc, so you can also purposefully cause crashes and bridge collapses to witness some havoc.

You can see the trailer for Bridge Constructor Portal below:

In the Portal version, there will be more puzzle-like elements, as you would expect from any game involving the famous Portal gun. The Bridge Constructor games are generally positively received on Steam, so this may end up being a fun little spin-off for the franchise.

Bridge Constructor Portal releases on PC and mobile on the 20th of December. Console versions will also be arriving next year.

KitGuru Says: Valve has been spinning off a couple of its franchises this year. During The International, it was revealed that a card game based on Dota 2 would be coming out and now we have Bridge Constructor Portal. I imagine both games will end up being fairly good, but they may also receive some flack for not being what hardcore fans were after.

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