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PUBG’s vaulting mechanic will be extensively tested in November before rolling out

Over the last few months, the team behind PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has been teasing a new vaulting mechanic, which will finally make climbing objects in the game world possible. It's a big change and could have a big impact on how the game is played. Because of this, a lot of testing is required, so vaulting may not start rolling out until November.

Writing in a new Steam post, Bluehole gave players an update on how vaulting is coming along and when we can expect it: “We are aware that many players have been looking forward to trying it out. Our Action and Gunplay Lead Pawel Smolewski has addressed this in his interview but there are some challenges to introducing the feature as soon as people are requesting.”

Below you can see a video of a ‘work in progress' version of vaulting:

The post then explains how vaulting actually works. As it turns out, vaulting isn't based on predefined objects or locations on the map, instead, each object's geometry is dynamically detected and analysed using an algorithm which then determines whether or not the object can be climbed over. It is a complex system that requires “rigorous testing and fine-tuning of the map”.

So with that in mind, a long period of testing is currently scheduled for November and if needed, Bluehole may put vaulting on the PUBG test servers beforehand too in order to collect as much data as possible. This way, there will be fewer issues and bugs when vaulting rolls out to the live servers.

KitGuru Says: PUBG has exploded over the last few months into the biggest game on Steam. With that in mind, there is probably some additional pressure on the developers to make sure each update is thoroughly tested before rolling out. How many of you are currently playing PUBG regularly? Are you looking forward to the vaulting update?

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