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Apple will be announcing a new iPod Touch today according to last minute leak

Update: Apple’s iPhone event has been and gone with no iPod Touch announcements. In an official statement, Discovery has claimed that the image circulated by 9to5Mac did not appear on its website: “On Monday, September 11th, a false rumor was reported about Discover posting information on its website about Apple’s new products. The rumor has no merit and an accompanying mock image was never posted on any Discover websites.”

9to5Mac is usually a very solid source for this kind of information, so I doubt they pulled the image they posted out of nowhere. However, at the time of writing, they have not updated their previous iPod Touch story.

We are just a few hours away from Apple’s annual iPhone launch event but it looks there was at least one surprise planned that we hadn’t heard about before today. According to a new leak, Apple will also be breathing new life into its iPod lineup with a new iPod Touch.

Earlier this year, it looked like the iPod may disappear entirely as the Nano and Shuffle were both discontinued. The iPod Classic had also stopped being produced back in 2014. However, it seems that Apple will be keeping the iPod alive and well after all with a 7th generation iPod Touch.

This particular leak comes from the credit card company, Discover, and was unearthed by 9to5Mac this morning According to the report, Discover will be offering 5% cashback on purchases of the iPhone 8, iPhone 8+, the iPhone X Edition and the iPod touch (7th Generation), so there are a few interesting tidbits to unpack here. Not only is a new iPod on the cards, but it seems like Apple may skip over the iPhone 7S entirely and just jump straight to the iPhone 8. The iPhone X Edition will be the one to watch out for though, thanks to its bezel-less OLED display.

Apple’s official announcement will be taking place in just a few hours time. The stream will kick off at 6PM here in the UK.

KitGuru Says: Given all of the leaks surrounding the new iPhones, I am surprised we didn’t hear about the new iPod Touch at all until earlier today. Are any of you glad to see that the iPod will live on after all? 

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  • Lucas

    But why? I’m honestly trying to grasp why in an age when small children have smart phones anybody would buy a separate MP3 player. It basically is an iPhone, but without 4G, and why the hell would you pay for that in 2017?

    I’d really appreciate an explanation if somebody could give me one?

  • aidanjt

    My guess would be for parents who want to give their kid a smartphoneish device, but have no intention to pay for mobile network access. It’d also be useful for developers who want to develop for iOS, but don’t want to pay for a phone they otherwise wouldn’t use. Those are two examples I can think of off the top of my head.

  • 林景山

    My daughter is preparing a very important exam and she has no means to prevent herself from drowning into social media (FB, Line, etc..) The interaction with the social media then eventually devours most of her will, time and sleep. But she does need some music for relaxation from time to time, so this is when iPod comes into play.

  • Lucas

    But would a simple iPod nano not serve that purpose? The Touch still has apps and with WiFi, social media like IG, FB, Twitter, and God knows what the youths have nowadays 😛