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Apple quietly removes iPod Classic from store

Apple has quietly said goodbye to the iPod Classic, having removed it from the Apple store shortly after the iPhone six and iWatch devices were announced. The iPod section of the store now only shows the iPod Touch, Nano and Shuffle.

The iPod Classic originally launched in 2001, over the years it went through several hardware iterations and design tweaks. The Classic featured up to 160GB of storage space, now the highest capacity iPod you can buy is the 64GB iPod Touch.


While it is somewhat sad to see the iPod Classic disappear for good, it's not a surprising move. Dedicated music players are outdated these days as most people use smartphones in conjunction with streaming services like Spotify.

A new generation of iPods is expected to be announced in October, alongside new iPads and Macbooks.

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KitGuru Says: The launch and popularity of the iPod Classic helped change the music industry all of those years ago. I used to own an iPod Classic myself and it served me well for many years. Did any of you guys ever own an iPod? 

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