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Rainbow Six Siege’s ‘Year 2 Pass’ covers DLC access through to Feb 2018

If you have been keeping up with Rainbow Six: Siege over the last year, then you know that the current season pass is coming to an end, with the final set of characters now out in the wild, along with a new map. However, this won’t be the end of the game as Ubisoft wants to support Siege for years to come, which is why a ‘Year 2 Pass’ is now available, which will grant you access to new characters up until February 2018.

Rainbow Six: Siege is one of Ubisoft’s first games to really experiment with its DLC model. All maps are free and technically, you can unlock all new characters without ever spending any money on the game- though it will take some time to rack up that amount of in-game currency through regular matches. However, the season pass grants immediate access to new characters as they arrive and you get them a week earlier.


Similarly to Siege’s first year of DLC, Year 2 will contain 8 new operators spread out over the course of the year. However, season pass owners will also get eight exclusive headgear and uniform customizations and 600 R6 credits for other in-game skins.

Season Pass holders will also get a ten percent discount on items and a 5 percent Renown boost which can be used to unlock items a bit faster. Essentially, if you bought the first season pass, the deal is essentially the same for the game’s second year of content.

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KitGuru Says: Rainbow Six: Siege has one of the fairest DLC models out there at the moment thanks to the Renown system. Those who play the game a lot will be able to unlock characters they want for free, which makes it easier to overlook the one-year long season passes for DLC. After all, most online games do need a steady stream of income to keep going.

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