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Scorn’s Xbox Series X in-engine footage actually came from a high-end PC

It has been around a month since Microsoft began showing off the first third-party games confirmed for Xbox Series X. Unfortunately, the presentation featured a lot of ‘in-engine' footage instead of actual gameplay. Now we know why, as some of those in-engine demos were indeed captured on high-end PCs. 

Scorn, an atmospheric first-person horror game from Ebb Software, was one of the titles teased for Xbox Series X, using ‘in-engine' footage that was deemed to be representative of the visuals we'll see on console hardware.

Now in an interview with wccftech published this week, we know what that in-engine demo was actually running on. As confirmed by Scorn director,  Ljubomir Peklar, the in-engine footage you see in the trailer above was running on an RTX 2080Ti and a Ryzen CPU. However, he does mention that an RTX 2070 Super with some graphical settings tweaks should run the game at 4K/60fps too.

At the moment, Scorn is being developed for PC and Xbox Series X, aiming to push 60 frames per second gameplay across both platforms.

KitGuru Says: Scorn very likely will look great running on Xbox Series X, but I do imagine a number of people will be caught off-guard hearing that the footage shown during the Xbox presentation was actually coming from a very powerful PC. Hopefully we can see some actual gameplay footage for next-gen titles running on next-gen hardware soon. 

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