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Serious Sam 4 comes to PC and Stadia in August

Serious Sam has been gearing up for a big return to the mainline series for a few years now. We've seen VR support added to a couple of older games and spin-offs but later this year, Serious Sam 4 will officially make its debut, the first new mainline game in the series since 2011's Serious Sam 3: BFE. 

While Serious Sam 4 is scheduled to come out on Xbox One and PS4, those versions won't appear until 2021. This is due to a timed exclusivity agreement with Google Stadia, which will get the game in August- those on Steam will get the game at the same time.

As with previous Serious Sam games, you can expect a big, action-packed wave shooter. However, since it has been so long since the previous titles, there will undoubtedly be improvements to graphics, maps, enemies, AI and shooting mechanics.

In fact, the developers behind Serious Sam 4 promise “battlefields teeming with thousands of enemies”, all thanks to a new ‘Legion System', which you can see explained HERE.

KitGuru Says: I really enjoyed Serious Sam in VR, so I do hope that Serious Sam 4 gets some VR support at some point. In the meantime, it looks like it will also be plenty of fun with a mouse/keyboard. Are many of you planning on trying this out after launch in August? 

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