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Shadow of the Tomb Raider gets big Steam sale and early buyers aren’t happy

Shadow of the Tomb Raider may have reviewed fairly well but it looks like Square Enix has managed to upset a portion of fans who bought the game early. Over the weekend, Shadow of the Tomb Raider went on sale on Steam, chopping up to 47 percent off of the asking price. As a result of this, negative reviews are flooding on to the store page.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider launched just over one month ago, with a starting price of £45 on Steam in the UK. The Croft Edition, which includes the season pass, launched at just over £80. Now, you can get the standard edition for £30 and the Croft Edition for £45, leading to an influx of over 600 new reviews for the game on Steam, with 66 percent of them being negative.

A lot of the new reviews specifically call out the sale price of the game, particularly since it came so soon after launch. Although that isn’t the only reason, there are also complaints about this game being the ‘weakest’ in the Tomb Raider reboot trilogy.

Seeing a game like Tomb Raider drop in price so soon isn’t totally unprecedented. Last year, Bethesda cut the prices of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and The Evil Within 2 by 50% shortly after launch. It is also worth noting that Shadow of the Tomb Raider also went on sale on Xbox One earlier this week- that sale ended just before the Steam one went live.

KitGuru Says: Judging by the swift sales, we can only assume that Shadow of the Tomb Raider isn’t selling particularly well. Still, I can see why people would be upset, especially if you paid full price just a handful of days beforehand. How do you guys feel about the Shadow of the Tomb Raider sale? 

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