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Someone figured out the drop rates for Overwatch loot

If you have been wondering how lucky you need to be to grab a legendary skin from a loot box in Overwatch then now you can see the drop rate percentages as someone went through the trouble of working it all out.

Reddit user, Ourobouros went through several videos that racked up around 1000 loot box openings. From there, he did the maths, working out the percentage of common, rare, epic and legendary drops.

Overwatch Tracer
Overwatch Tracer

In short, a common will drop 97.08 percent of the time, a rare will drop 78.22 percent of the time, an epic will drop 25.91 percent of the time and a legendary will drop 9.38 percent of the time. This is ‘on average' so it isn't a guarantee but still, it is nice to have some numbers to show how likely you are to get each level of item.

KitGuru Says: Loot boxes have been fairly kind to me in Overwatch while I've played. Have you been opening up your loot boxes? Did you get anything good? 

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