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Sony says Project Morpheus progress is going ‘very well’

Last year, Sony revealed its own virtual reality headset for PlayStation devices, currently known as Project Morpheus. Apparently since then, progress on bringing VR to the PlayStation 4 has been “going very well” although Sony does not have a release date pegged just yet.

This is in contrast to what we have heard in the past. We were previously under the impression that the headset was pencilled in for a mid 2016 launch date in order to follow-up Valve’s Vive headset and the Oculus Rift.


It is not surprising that Sony is not giving out a release date though. After all, Virtual Reality is very new technology and a lot of work needs to go in to getting it up to scratch for consumers.

Speaking in an interview with Kinda Funny Games, Sony PlayStation President, Shuhei Yoshida said: “The hardware is on schedule. Lots of games are being created. Some we are showing will hit the launch date that we haven’t decided as of yet. So it’s going really well.”

As far as price goes, Sony isn’t ready to talk exact numbers but is hoping for the lowest cost it can so that the device can be accessible to more people.

You can see the whole interview at Gamespot, HERE.

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KitGuru Says: Many have doubts surrounding how well a console can run virtual reality. However, apparently people at E3 had very positive impressions of the Morpheus after trying out demos. 

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