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Speedrunner beats Prey in just under 7 minutes

Since its launch, speedrunners have been having quite a bit of fun with Arkane’s Prey reboot. Just a few days after launch, one speedrunner managed to beat the game in less than twenty minutes and now, it looks like someone else has joined the fray to challenge the record-holder. This week, a speedrunner managed to finish Prey in just under seven minutes.

The previous record time for a Prey speedrun was held by DraQu, who first beat the game in 45 minutes and then instantly beat his own record, cutting his time down to just under 20 minutes. Since then, things have been fairly quiet on the speedrun front for Prey, until this week, when Seeker TV on YouTube uploading his own run, getting to the end of the game in six minutes and 59 seconds.

This was an any percentage speedrun, so the goal wasn’t to finish the game content wise, it was to take as many shortcuts as possible to hit the end credits. Glitches are allowed, so breaking the game is a requirement to get this sort of run time. DraQu’s previous speedrun followed the same rules.

While this speedrun does cut out chunks of the game, there are some spoilers to be seen, so if you haven’t played Prey yet and want to go in blind, it may be best avoiding the video.

KitGuru Says: Speedruns are fascinating to watch, not everyone understands the skill behind it but it takes a lot of practise and knowledge of a game to be able to cut down a 12 hour game into a handful of minutes. Not only do you need to know all of the glitches, but you need to know the map and all of the points you need to hit in order to progress. Every move needs to be executed perfectly, especially if you are trying to compete for a world record. I could never do something like this myself but I certainly applaud those that can.

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