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Star Citizen’s latest ‘Free Fly’ event kicks off on Sunday

It has been a few months since Star Citizen last had a ‘free fly’ week, with the previous one arriving over the Summer. Now, to celebrate this year's CitizenCon event, Star Citizen will be free to play again, starting on the 24th of November through to the 5th of December.

For those brand new to the game, Cloud Imperium will be debuting its new ‘welcome hub', which includes new tutorials and a guide system that matches new players with veterans willing to teach new players. Once you've found your footing, you'll have free access to a number of different space ships each day, with different days showcasing a different in-universe ship manufacturer.


On the 24th of November, things kick off with free to fly ships from Anvil Aerospace, moving on to Robert Space Industries ships on the 25th. Here is the full schedule, which culminates with several days of ‘best in show' ships, which will be picked via community votes:

  • Nov 24 – Anvil Aerospace
  • Nov 25 – Roberts Space Industries
  • Nov 26 – Kruger Intergalactic, Consolidated Outlands, Tumbril
  • Nov 27 – Musashi Industrial and Starflight Concern (MISC) and Argo
  • Nov 28 – Alien Manufacturers
  • Nov 29 – Aegis Dynamics
  • Nov 30 – Drake Interplanetary
  • Dec 1 – Origin Jumpworks
  • Dec 2-5 – “Best In Show” – a group of ships voted on by the Star Citizen Community source from all in-game ships

The Star Citizen Free Fly event will also include access to the latest features introduced in recent patches. This includes, FPS mining, cave environments, harvestable consumables, a full law enforcement system, mission sharing for co-op play, ship purchases & rentals and finally, a commodity inventory for better player storage.

You will be able to download and start playing Star Citizen on Sunday the 24th of November after creating an account via the official website.

KitGuru Says: I had fun with the last Free Fly week and with mission sharing now live, I might need to give the game another go next week. Have any of you played Star Citizen during one of the previous free periods? Will you be jumping back in for the latest to see all of the new updates?

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