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Starcraft Remastered has been announced, will launch in Summer

It looks like last week's Starcraft Remastered rumour held some truth to it as over the weekend, Blizzard dropped its announcement, giving us a trailer and a release date for the game. This remaster features a graphical overhaul for the game, though gameplay has been kept the same with no major mechanic changes.

Those of you playing Starcraft for the story will get to experience ‘revived audio and dialogue', so there will be some changes in that area. This remaster does feature the base game and Brood War expansion, so there is plenty to get through before diving in to multiplayer. Speaking of which, with this being a 2017 release, Blizzard has updated Starcraft to run on Battle.net (now just known as the Blizzard App) so diving into matchmaking games will be easy.


As far as graphics go, Blizzard has remastered units, buildings, and environments. However, judging from the screenshots, the game still captures the old-school RTS look and feel, it just looks nicer at higher resolutions. The game's UI has also been kept in tact, so if you played the original game, you won't have to relearn where everything is, you should be able to just pick up and play.

Starcraft Remastered doesn't have a specific release date just yet but we are expecting it to launch sometime over the Summer.

KitGuru Says: After the persistent rumours and speculation, I am glad to finally see Starcraft Remastered announced. This may encourage plenty of people to go back and experience the original game, either again or for the first time. Are any of you guys looking forward to Starcraft Remastered?

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